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R.L.S. Physical Education classes are in full swing with students participating in daily exercises, cardiovascular workouts, and games! 

With the warmer weather of the past couple weeks there has been some concern about the hydration of P.E. students.  The R.L.S. P.E. department is well aware of students needs to stay hydrated and remind our students daily about the importance of hydrating.

Students should be consuming at least 8- 8 ounce cups of water daily, in addition to water that should be consumed during vigorous exercise or P.E. class.

In order to encourage hydration with our students, we are now allowing students to bring their water bottles to class to drink during a water breaks.  If your son or daughter brings a water bottle, please make sure that they have their name or initials on the bottle (we do not want students sharing bottle and spreading germs).

We are looking forward to a great year in R.LS. P.E.

Mr. Pauls & Ms. Vicki


R.L.S. Physical Education Department

Mr. Pauls

Ms. Vicki


Last Modified on September 23, 2014