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6th Grade 


Students created wonderful Google Presentations of the Sumerian achievements historians believe laid the foundation for defining civilizations. Our current 6th graders have exhibited tremendous technology skills so far this year. It’s quite evident having Google Chromebooks last year is paying off! We finished our studies on Mesopotamia by creating a “Top Ten” list of words using Sumerian phonograms and the cuneiform style of writing. We also examined the world’s first written code of laws by the famous Babylonian King Hammurabi. Students were quite surprised to learn the common punishment for committing crimes was death.

We began our unit on Egypt by being enthralled with a presentation on the Egyptian afterlife by Ancient Artifacts. Mr. Thompson totally engaged the students by preparing me for the afterlife. He said the students would be using 600 pounds of natron (salt) to dehydrate me and thus create “teacher jerky” to drive home the point of embalming. We will continue our studies of Egypt by designing an interactive notebook of activities and lessons on the common components of ancient Egyptian culture. Students will be creating a “Super Pharaoh Movie” poster, writing a spy letter about pyramids, and creating a mummy recipe for the embalming process. We will also be designing museum brochures on four to six famous architectural achievements and the pharaohs who built them.


It was great to see so many of you at Back to School night and helping around campus. Thank you for all of your help with school activities and events! We are extremely lucky to have such a supportive and involved group of parents.

As most of you know we are in our second year rolling out the new Common Core State Standards for mathematics. For more information about the new math program we are using called SpringBoard you can visit the RLS website and then choose academics from the pull down menu. At the bottom of the list under academics click on RLS SpringBoard Math or you can type in this web address:

From this link you can also visit the SpringBoard website to learn more about the curriculum we are using and how it supports the new California Common Core for Mathematics.

During the year please encourage your son/daughter to come into my classroom for extra help when they need it. I am available to help them

during break time, lunch time, and after school. We are currently working on the following concepts: Fractions and Integers.

I really enjoy working with you and your child. I am so pleased to hear that your sons/daughters are enjoying their 6th grade year. Please know that my door is always open if you have any questions during the school year.


Sixth grade scholars have just completed their research and presentations on Ice Age survival. The “Adventures R Us” company has helped a group of scientists prepare for their month-long adventure that will require them to travel back in time 10,000 years. The SHELTER group informed our clients about building safe and durable igloos as well as snow caves; the HUNTING group gave advice on tracking down and obtaining animals suitable for food; the TOOLS & COOKING group taught the scientists how to prepare their food and offered suggestions about what kind of dried foods to bring on the trip; finally, the TRAVELING group helped our scientists to understand safe methods for taking day trips in Arctic-like temperatures. The presentations were a great success!

Now we are on to our next adventures: first, sixth graders will work on constructing their 6th grade website -- a kind of “e-portfolio” to keep track of their best work for the year; next, we will begin another big project. Over the next several weeks we will be reading a whole book together, Maroo of the Winter Caves. This fictional story of an Ice Age family will take us through the struggles and adventures of two heroic kids who take a great risk to save their family. As we work our way through their adventure, we will become experts on more than a dozen ELEMENTS of LITERATURE. We will be taking notes, studying vocabulary, and as a final product, creating a website just for this exciting book. Stay tuned for news about Maroo and her family as their story unfolds!


We concluded our Plate Tectonics unit with peer presentations. Students are working on their metric bridge models learning about metric units and engineering practices. The competition will be fun. We are looking forward to our local field trip on Wednesday, October 29.

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