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6th Grade 


For the first two weeks in March, we will be finishing up our studies on ancient China.  Students will be finishing a project on the Silk Road.  The second half of March will be devoted to beginning our studies of ancient Greece.  On March 13th, Mr. Lonny Johnson, of Ancient Artifacts, will be conducting a presentation on a couple of Greece’s famous battles against the mighty Persian Empire.  We will also focus on studying forms of government such as Monarchy, Tyranny, and Democracy.  Students will also dive into a project developing an understanding of how challenging it was to develop a unified country when the geography of Greece limited communication between city-states.  Students will also participate in a simulation on ancient Greek city-states and decide whether Sparta or Athens was the best place to live in ancient Greece.  Finally, students will design Google Presentations on the culture of ancient Greece demonstrating an understanding of Greek mythology, poetry, fables, dramas, art and architecture, as well as Greece’s famous philosophers. 


English classes have been reading the dramatic version of Mark Twain’s story The Prince and the Pauper.  We have had fun reading all the parts in class and talking about how stage directions help actors know what to do and how to sound. The driving question behind this story is, “What leadership qualities does a person need to be qualified to govern others?” We have learned, through Prince Edward’s experience of living like a pauper, that leaders should understand the laws of the land and how they affect its subjects. Our next endeavor will be an explanatory essay, where students will use evidence from the story to detail Edward’s experience and discuss how he became a better leader. 


We are working on our Water unit.  Students explore the important to water to us and other living things.  We are examining how water shape the Earth’s surface.   We will end this unit with a guest speaker from Napa County Resource and Conservation District with regard to water and water quality.  After that, we will move onto the issue of our time, Climate Change. 


The sixth graders continue to work very hard on the new common core mathematics being presented this year.  Just a reminder that as part of the SpringBoard Math curriculum the students are all given copies of the tests ahead of time and they are encouraged to complete the problems before the test.  After they work on the problems at home they have discussions about the problems with their groups in the classroom.  Students that would like extra support on tests or homework are always welcome to come into my room during break, lunch or after school. Please encourage your child to come in and ask for help if they do not understand the concepts.  I want more than anything for them to feel successful in math.  The math department began an after school math tutor/support program and students can come in for support on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday.  You can contact the school or myself for further information.

Currently in our math classes we are studying the following concepts:

6th Grade Common Core: Fractions & Decimals

6th Grade Adv. Common Core: Linear Relationship, Inequalities, and Geometry

My door is always open so please feel free to stop in with any questions you may have.    



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