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6th Grade 


Our year began with a unit titled Tools of the Historian.  This unit laid the foundation of studying ancient civilizations throughout the year.  Students designed an interactive notebook of what they learned.  Topics explored were the roles of archaeologists in interpreting the past, understanding the concept of time and why historians use calendars, pretending that historians are like detectives, examining evidence to separate fact from fiction, and finally, appreciating the differences between primary sources and secondary sources.  We have begun a brief unit examining the key aspects of how life changed from a nomadic hunter-gatherer society to a settled or agricultural-based society.  From here we will study Mesopotamia and document Sumerian achievements, practice unlocking the secrets of the written language cuneiform, and finally, analyzing Hammurabi’s code of laws, the world’s first set of laws.


The Napa earthquake is a perfect learning opportunity for 6th grade Science.   I decided to start our scientific investigation with the Plate Tectonics Theory.  Students are working through the evidence for this theory.  They will present the final product to their classmates.  After that we will focus on engineering methods and scientific methods.


Welcome back!  What an amazing and fantastic group of 6th graders we have this year!  I am truly enjoying getting to know them.  R.L.S implemented a new math curriculum last year for 6th, 7th and 8th grade called Spring Board which has been created by College Board.  This program has been used by High School accelerated math courses for a long time but the company just recently created curriculum for Middle School math courses.  Spring Board is aligned with the Common Core Mathematics adopted by the state of California.  The students really seem to enjoy the new program and are engaged in the learning process.  As we roll out this new program I am hopeful that you will contact me with any concerns you have about how your son/daughter is doing with this program.

It was wonderful to see so many of you at Back-To-School-Night.  The night went quickly and I hope it provided you with some valuable information to help you and your child.  If you were unable to attend and would like the information sent home please send me an email or look on my website.  Most of the information we went over can be found on my home page at: 

If you have any trouble with this link please go to the Robert Louis Stevenson web site and find my name under faculty.  There are two 6th grade math courses.  The titles of the courses are 6th Grade Common Core and 6th Grade Advanced Common Core.  There is information about the two courses, the course syllabi, and pacing calendars available on the website. 

I really enjoy working with you and your child. Please know that my door is always open if you have any questions or concerns during the school year.


The “Adventures R Us!” research project is in progress! Sixth Grade English students have been busy learning specific research skills including website evaluation, Google advanced search, skim-scan-paraphrase, making citations, and library resources. Each student has been assigned to one of four focused research groups: Hunting, Shelter, Tools and Cooking, and Traveling.  At the end of the project, students will be presenting their knowledge in a teaching format. Their task is to teach a group of ten environmental scientists how to survive for one month during the Ice Age. Stay tuned for project presentations in about three weeks!


The 6th Grade Team Erin Kurtz, Margie GouveiaNgu Pham and Rob Grace

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