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6th Grade 

Ancient Civilizations

We finished our unit on ancient Greece by completing a Google Presentation project centered on the cultural and scientific advances of the ancient Greeks. We began our unit on Rome on Monday, April 13th with a robust presentation on the Roman legion by Ancient Artifacts. We will finish the year studying the marvelous civilization of Rome. Our first lesson focuses on the geographical features that helped Rome become an economic and military power. We will be gaining an understanding and an appreciation for how Rome created a republic and the structure of their government that we borrowed from in forming the United States. Students will learn about Rome’s tripartite or three-part structure of government and the role the senate played in administering the duties of governance. We will be completing a unit of study focused on Roman leaders such as Julius Caesar and Augustus. We will explore the language of Latin and discover how many English words are derived from this beautiful, but dead language. We will also conduct hands on activities simulating the engineering achievements of ancient Rome. This includes the stone arch, roads, aqueducts, bridges, and the Coliseum.


The students have been working hard on the Geometry Unit. We have moved from two-dimensional figures into three-dimensional figures. The students have been using nets made up of rectangles and triangles to create various prisms. Then they have been using these nets to find the surface area and volume of these figures. Twice a week the students have been working in the computer lab utilizing the math program called Cognitive Tutor to further help them comprehend the topics being presented in class. We have had great conversations in class about how Geometry is connected to solving real-world and mathematical problems.


Students completed the Endangered Species websites beautifully this year. We are excited and working hard on our annual Science Fair projects. Students will present their projects to parent judges on Friday, May 15, 2015. If you would like to be a parent judge, please contact Mr. Pham.

English 6

Some sixth grade students I know

Have been giving poetry a go!

The meter and rhyme

Take all of their time

So their list of devices can grow.

Guess what we’ve been doing in English 6 . . .?

We started with a few simple poems and literary devices and have progressed to complete annotation of “grown-up” type poems. Our study of poetry has included rhyme scheme, meter, personification, metaphor, simile, theme, oxymoron, limerick, narrator, stanza, and tone. Additionally, several poems we have studied contain a rather large collection of odd English vocabulary. Next we will have an up-close-and-personal encounter with English Grammar 101. This is a review of a few grammar basics plus a look ahead at what is needed to begin 7th grade. With just six weeks of school to go, we are looking forward to mastering a few more concepts before summer!


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