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6th Grade 

Ancient Civilizations

We began the month of March making presentations on the four early forms of government in ancient Greece:  Monarchy, Oligarchy, Tyranny, and Democracy.  Students created songs and sang the key points of each form of government.  Students gained an appreciation for democracy and how we adopted it in America.  We will continue our studies of Greece for the month of March.  Students will work in teams (city-states) to decide if each team (city-state) should align their governance to Sparta or Athens based on four criteria.  Students will also work in groups to explore Greece wonderful culture.  They will create a Powerpoint presentation on ancient Greek culture, literature, drama, science, math, as well as the accomplishments of Alexander the Great.  


We have just finished our Maroo of the Winter Caves websites and are currently engaged in writing our “Fanfic” Chapter 1 of the sequel to Maroo.  This is practice with Narrative writing so we are including elements such as establishing the setting of our stories, identifying the protagonist and main characters, as well as making a clear connection to the original book, establishing a central problem, and including dialogue, descriptive details, and transition words. Additionally, we are taking great care to clearly demonstrate point of view and to use “formal” English where narrative is concerned. Once our chapters are complete, we will be examining the writing of others and engaging in a class discussion online using Padlet. The enthusiasm students have for writing their stories is inspiring! Some have even decided to write multiple chapters or the whole book!


We recently finished our unit on Expressions and Equations and the students did a fantastic job.  Our next goal is to complete a unit on Geometry and Ratios.   If you have any questions you are always welcome to call or email me.  If your son/daughter ever needs help with math please remind them I am available during lunch time every day in my room.


We finished our investigation of water.  The water unit focused on the importance of water to living things and how water shapes the Earth’s surface.  We begin looking at the atmosphere with emphasis on Climate Change.  Students will research and write an argument essay relating to Climate Change.
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