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6th Grade 

Ancient Civilizations

We are finishing up a unit on the Peloponnesian War.  Students are engaged in choosing to align their city-states with either Athens or Sparta based on the criteria:  government, quality of life, treatment of non-citizens, and trade and prosperity.  Afterward, students will work in groups to create a Google presentation on Greece’s culture.  This includes mythology, literature, drama, architecture, as well as famous scientists and philosophers.  On April 13th, Ancient Artifacts will come out and open our unit on rome by enlisting students to become a Roman Legionaire.


As we head into the final trimester we are working on Geometry and Ratios.  The students are really enjoying the computer component of this program and we have been visiting the computer lab twice a week.  It really seems to be helping them understand the concepts and provides them with excellent visual images.  If you have any questions you are always welcome to call or email me.  If your son/daughter ever needs help with math please remind them I am available during lunch time every day in my room.   Thank you for all of your support this year!  They are working hard in math and doing a great job!


Our future scientists just completed an argument essay on climate change.  We will be studying the Biosphere through the lense of an endangered species.  They will research and create an awareness website for their species.  After that we will focus on the annual Science Fair project.


English scholars have just completed an argument essay on climate change. It was quite a challenge, with required parenthetical references, a works cited list, and the use of a variety of academic sources for information. Grades for these essays will show up in both the Science and the English gradebook.

We are now moving on to poetry! We have started our study of poetry with a discussion about what makes this form of writing different from prose. Our conversation led us to explore several poems featuring condensed language, figurative speech, rhythm and rhyme, lines and stanzas, and poems expressing strong feelings such as love and regret. Over the next three weeks we will consider the way poets use language to impact readers and convey important ideas.

The 6th Grade Team Erin Kurtz, Margie GouveiaNgu Pham and Rob Grace

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